May 6, 2010

Bobble Head and Mother's Day

My nephew is the cutest baby in the world! Gees that's obnoxious and imagine if I ever had kids of my own how annoying I would be about it. My apologies to all other babies but Mikey is the cutest baby old out there. I chose to ignore the fact that he's playing with a football and not a hockey puck for now just because he's enjoying himself.

When Mikey was born his name was gummy bear then squirmy worm and now its bobble head because when he "sits" his perfectly symmetrical head just wobbles around because he can't really sit-up on his own yet but he's the proud owner of 2 teeth at only 6 months old.

I digress, this weekend is Mother's day weekend and as much as I would like to curl up under the covers because it got "cold" here in Minnesota, its the Twin Cities Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. And as I have done every year since 2007, I will spend the weekend volunteering for my favorite organization, including getting up at 5 am on Sunday. I don't get up for work at 5 am but for curing cancer I will!

T-93 days and counting and mom is considering walking with me in Chicago which makes me very happy. What would make me happier is if my fundraising would get off the ground. Still sitting at a sad 9 percent of my goal and I'm a little disappointed but this weekend is the Linder's Flower Mart event so hopefully I'll get a good boost from that event.

As I mentioned the weather has been less than ideal since last week for training. If its not cloudy and chilly its sunny and windy. The problem with the wind is it blows the tree pollen around so if I train, I walk around like a zombie for the next few days from my allergies. Darn right I've been training still and walking around like a zombie at work, not good for the work product.

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