April 29, 2010

T-100 Days to Chicago

This blog has taken a turn for the 3-Day, really its called 3-Day Addict so I better start blogging about the 3-Day! Its officially 100 days from Chicago and I'm only at 9 percent of my goal. I'm disappointed but then again I did change my tactics this year and went viral with my fundraising letter so I'm going to get the snail mail going here and step it up my stalking tactics.

Speaking of steps, I'm training again. Finally the allergens in MN decided to back off a bit so I can go outside without fear of repercussions of running nose, itchy eyes and feeling like I got my bum kicked the next day. Last Saturday I spent 3 hours outside then spent Sunday sleeping for 14...not ideal when you haven't finished unpacking from moving in January. I live alone, who cares if I'm unpacked but it does keep me from crafting.

Training for the 3-Day is no joke and if you are serious about the 3-Day you need to be serious about the training and everyone that's done the 3-Day knows..."The best training for walking is walking." That means lots and lots of walking. Yes, it is tedious but its worth it when you cross that finish line knowing you accomplished something amazing for a good cause.

Tonight my friend Peggy hosted a training walk at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and its tulip season or week, hence the picture above and beyond. I guess last week there were daffodils everywhere but I missed that one, I was at my second outdoor baseball game of the season :) That's another blog post though.

All day today it was cloudy but as we got started on our walk the sun came out and shined and it was the most perfect evening, except for the geese poop. Yeah, there were geese, poop and I did yell at the geese for honking at us because they had to move off the side walk.

6-miles in the perfect weather with 3-Day friends and beautiful surroundings. Shout out to the Arboretum for sponsoring the training events for us, so nice of them.
Of course I was going to take photos of the pink tulips, I was on a 3-Day training walk!

I received an email this afternoon from a co-worker informing us that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It broke my heart at first, the nicest lady of course with a horrible disease. Just puts this entire day in perspective and makes my soar arches tonight feel not so soar knowing that what I am doing will hopefully find a cure. Punky, this flower is for you.
Make sure you do your self exam tonight.

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