March 10, 2010


I've returned! After 4 attempts to get my old blog back, I gave up and started a new one so here it is. Also new is my job, haircut, apartment and my desire to end breast cancer forever!

Where in the world did the time go because I last posted in December saying I'll be back in January and instead of coming back in and posting, I hit the delete button, bummer. For those of you who don't know me, hi I'm Beth and I'm originally from North Dakota (keep the jokes to yourself unless you want a beat down) and live somewhere else now. I'm easy going but a red head so I do bite when provoked.

Early last year I was laid off from a company that I loved and still love and still secretly hope they hire me back in a different part of the company. I guess that's not so secret if I'm posting it on the web so, "Damn it Target will you call me and hire me back already!" Recently some one asked me why I left Target I responded, "They left me," as if it was some relationship break-up.

Speaking of being unemployed, just a courtesy reminder to the general employed public. When a new person starts at your workplace and they tell you they were laid-off from their old job 8 months ago, don't ask them, "What took you so long to find a new job?" You come off as an ignorant douche and are likely to have a shoe shoved up your bum shortly after making that comment. It's not funny because you have no idea what the person went through to get to that point and I've had it said to me 5 times in the last month and each time it's getting harder to smile and nod.

Me, I submitted resumes to over 500+ positions, spent hundreds of hours reformatting my resume and cover letters, attended probably 20 networking events, researched my target companies (no pun intended) and tried not to eat my stress away. All that work garnerd me 5 or 6 interviews with various companies and accepted my current position on day 364 from being laid off from Target. That's all I have to say about unemployment world and now my movie is starting so I best close this one off.


  1. Glad you're up and at it! Pam

  2. My step dad is likely losing his job this week and the prospects are pretty bleak. With unemployment so high, it is even hard to find retail work.