March 16, 2010

Really Random Thoughts

I'm exhausted and when I'm exhausted I have the most random thoughts and I ramble. Just on the drive over to drop my car off for a transmission fix I started thinking these thoughts and instead of doing a bunch of posts, I'm clumping them together so you may chose your topic:

I don't live in the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota) I live in the land of 10,000 pot holes.
Its spring in Minnesota, at least it was for one day when it was 64 and ever since then it’s been in the 40's and cloudy and rainy, gross. As I sit at Panera Bread deciding what to eat, I'm also very indecisive when I'm exhausted, I can see a pot hole about a foot in diameter waiting to claim its next victim. Damn, a BMW swerved around it and avoid damaging whatever potholes damage that is expensive to fix. The BMW did almost hit that suburban swerving which would be interesting...I wonder who would win.

Still haven't decided what to eat, really regretting starting Weight Watchers yesterday.

Geese, lots and lots of geese which means lots and lots of other things geese deposit.
Last night I'm sitting in my apartment that overlooks a nature preserve (wonderful views, I'll try and take some photos). I'm looking out and watching the ducks and the birds and finally the sun sets. All I hear for the next 3-4 hours are geese, lots of geese honking up a storm. Okay, I get it you're back in town now be quiet I'm watching Jon Stewart.

Nope more and more honking and now I want to go to sleep and they are still honking. Seriously geese you are already despised for your friendly deposits on the sidewalks that I have to avoid when I'm out for a training walk and let's not forget to mention when you all decide to cross the street or freeway at an extremely slow pace and stop traffic, please take your time, I'm not late for work and now you are going to keep me up at least your kids are cute till they molt.

Random photo moment from the 2009 Boston 3-Day of my mom and me before opening ceremonies, that would be energizer bunny ears in my face from the soaking rains.

Uh, I just ran out of random thoughts and a baby just sat down next to me, or really its mom put it next to me. My nephew is way cuter.

Shameless posting of the cutest baby ever (aka squirmy worm) by the best auntie ever.
He smiles a lot more now but this is his general expression unless he's having a conversation with me...he made some very profound statements about healthcare reform Sunday. That baby just keeps staring at me, I think it knows I'm writing about him. Now its smiling at me but my car is finished so I never did order anything. I'll pick something up on the way out.


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    Cute baby pic :-)

  2. i love my nephews too. they are the greatest and crazy----------

  3. I live in Fargo, ND so I know exactly what you mean about potholes. Sometimes I think we should just go back to cobblestone streets since at least those didn't crack after the eight months of winter.