March 23, 2010

Latest Obsession, Etsy

Okay if you know me, that’s not new but I realized after being employed again and getting a good paycheck, I had some money left over after paying my bills which is a first for me to finally be financially sound. It’s been a good year since I purchased something fun and rarely have truly shopped Etsy because I was afraid I’d buy the whole site. Now that I purchased some more items; I thought I’d do a little blog pimping on their behalf with their permission of course!

Note about my technical ability...I have no clue how to link to link the photo back to the transaction or sellers site so I linked the title.

Obsession/Purchase 1: Disapproving Cancer Bunny, Apple Green
If you aren’t familiar with the concept behind whap/damn it doll, you take the doll when you are frustrated and beat the crap out of it on the counter/leg or any object near by, not kidding. My step-grandma gave me one a while back but since it was from Helen, I couldn’t beat the crap out if it, she handmade it! Over a year ago I came across Spidercamp’s store and the bunny with cancer across the chest and it was in my favorite color, green. I hearted the item and it was my first post-unemployed paycheck purchase! I really wish I could bring myself to beat the crap out if it though because that’s what I’d like to do to cancer but it’s just too cute, the bunny that is.

Obsession/Purchase 2: Spiral Wrapped Amethyst with Pearl Dangle Earrings
For my 26th birthday I bought myself a really pretty amethyst necklace from Lia Sophia but never purchased the matching earrings. Yes, I’ve spent 4 years looking for the perfect pair of Amethyst earrings and found them on while just checking out the “shop local” feature to see what my fellow Minnesotans make, and there are some very talented people here in sota! CosmicPony’sLair had a lot of cute items and poof; there were the earrings I’d been looking for. Better yet, the seller was Minnesotan with great product.

Obsession/Purchase 3: Long Wires... Sterling and Jade
Now I was obsessed with the jewelry sellers, well the truth is I’ve been obsessed for a while just never looked intensively because of my lack of funds. Did I mention I like green or really obsessed with green? I’m wearing green right now and my blog is green until college hockey season is over (Go Sioux!).

On the forums I came across a post by BityWhismy promoting a link share, which I have yet to get up and running. I promised I’d go and visit every store and did and came across ContempoJewels’ shop and these earrings and I fell in love instantly with these earings. They are so beautiful, contemporary and simple; I just don’t know what else to say except perfection and I got great compliments on Monday when I wore them to work!

That's all for this week and yes the geese are still making noise. To prove the geese do exist I took a photo this evening of them sleeping at 5:30 at night, no wonder they are up all night long!


  1. Hopefully whatever you purchase ends up being something you cherish
    : )

    I went out a few days ago to photograph whatever wildlife was in one of the many ponds I have the potential to drive by on my way home from work. I work 30 miles from where I live, so that's a lot of ground.
    It was very cold, but the geese were merrily carrying on in the frigid water. They are a noisy lot.

  2. I love the bunny idea. I need to go visit that shop!

  3. A damn it doll is a fabulous idea! Especially for something as crummy as cancer. I'm walking the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure this year and bet there are some people over there that might appreciate one of these.

  4. I love the idea of the bunny as a damn it doll for cancer. I am going to have to try and get one of those as well!

  5. I thought about requesting a damn it doll in pink and strapping it to my bike or helmet for the Twin Cities 3-Day this year...that will make more sense in my next entry if you aren't familar with the 3-Day.

  6. great purchases! i'd like to beat the crap out of cancer too!

    i found you on etsy forums, please come visit me too!

    p.s. I'm having a give away that ends this evening, so come enter before it's over!

  7. I really love the bunny. Thank you for posting this I will have to go check out her store. My son has JRA and he probably would appreciate that if she had one for that.

    Please come over and visit my blog. I have a little surprise for you today:)
    Take care,

  8. The purple earrings are stunning.
    Found you on Etsy Forums
    Here's my blog...